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A professional well-established business, priding itself in being one of the first and most reputable pet transport companies in Ghana and West Africa. MaydenPetAir LLC started in 2006 with providing various veterinary products, services and also providing pet transport services both locally and internationally. Our company is owned by Dennis Totimeh. MaydenPetAir LLC is located strategically a few minute’s drive from the Kotoka International Airport Ghana’s main airport on a large compound that houses our kennels for boarding and our office. Our company motto is: We love your pet just like you would do. Every decision we make is based on this statement as we honestly believe that a pet completes a family.
Every day we send or receive pets, either from international or local destinations and see that the reunion with beloved family is a very emotional and rewarding event for both the pet and its family. We are and will always be happy to take part in this unique experience.
Opening Hours (Come Visit); Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm, Sat: 10am – 2pm, Sun: Closed
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